dirActor Casting Edition

With dirActor Casting Edition (abbr.: dirActor CE) you manage your contacts and projects on a Mac or PC. Organize castings and events with the search and list functions. Archive all related media with the integrated media database.

If you have an office and your staff consists of more than one person, the network version of dirActor CE offers you the flexibility and independence of an own database server. Still each of your dirActor CE installations can run independently from your server. The built-in automatic database synchronisation keeps your data in sync on all your computers.



  • address book for your contacts, artists, crew members, staff and companies
  • sedcards with 3 photos and detailed information about every artist
  • integrated media database for photos, videos, audio and documents
  • extensive filter, search and sort functions
  • unlimited user defined lists for grouping and organizing your contacts, artists, crew and staff members
  • direct link to Google Maps for every address
  • creating e mail newsletters with a single click
  • integrated SMS gateway for sending and receiving SMS directly from the application
  • creating SMS newsletters with a single click
  • printing number boards, sedcards, fitting lists and photos
  • slideshow of lists, filters and single photo albums for presentations
  • exporting files from the media database
  • day-based project management with integration of the media database




System Requirements

dirActor CE requires Windows XP or later or Mac OS 10.6 or later.

The integrated media library uses Quicktime, which needs to be installed seperately under Windows. We recommend the installation of  iTunes, which already contains the required components. The stand-alone version of Quicktime can be downloaded from the Apple website for free. [Quicktime für Windows]

To redirect the printing output into a PDF file, you need a virtual printer, which needs to be installed seperately under Windows. We recommend the FreePDF von Stefan Heinz. On Mac OS X this functionality is already integrated into the system and nothing needs to be installed seperately.

To open PDF files on Windows, you also need to install an apropriate application, for example the freely available Acrobat Reader from Adobe.


Download dirActor CE for free

The single user version of dirActor CE is free! Some features are still under development and can be activated on request. For the network version you need to purchase a license. If you have any questions regarding the network version of dirActor CE, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Version 1.5.8 from July, 26th 2017